Quarantine Training

I hope you’re all staying safe and healthy during our recent public health crisis! Our clinic coach Stefano shows a great way to practice our gybes while on coronavirus quarantine:

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Sumando horas…. 🙄⛵️

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D12 Clinic and Race Series #1

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Below is an excerpt from Rob Bowden’s quarterly article from D12 for the ILCA publication. To see the full text, join ILCA today and see it in the upcoming magazine!

D12 is off to a fantastic start for 2020!  Multiple area fleets are having frostbite series for the first time in years.  Others who started a few years ago are seeing growth.  I, as the Laser “match maker” have been plenty busy sourcing used boat deals for people wanting to get themselves theirs kids or both into the fun!

We officially kicked off our 2020 season during the weekend of February 22-23 with two Advanced/Intermediate coached clinics,(see attached pic).  Both Radial and Full rigs had their own coach.  The clinic happened in Charleston and was hosted by one of the area’s most prominent YC’s. (so prominent we’re not allowed to tag them in pics or tell you who they are or we’d have to kill you…I guess).

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2020 Laser National Championships

The 2020 Laser National Championships are being held right north of D12 – at ODU in Norfolk, on June 12-14. There are some D12 sailors who are already registered – it’ll be a great warmup race for our third D12 at Kerr Lake, which is two weeks later! If you’d like more information, here’s the Regatta Page!

It would be awesome to see a team of D12 sailors representing us at the Nationals. It’d also be a great opportunity to sport our new D12 branded T-Shirts.

D12 shirts!


Frostbiting in 2020

Hello folks, we still have some winter sailing left on the calendar! Please see below for some great frostbiting opportunities.

2020 Laser Frostbiting at James Island Yacht Club in Charleston:
Come sail in one of the most active FB series in D12.  All 3 rigs have been represented this year!  We’ve scheduled days with high tides to get the most of the sandy beach!  For adults- the bar usually opens at noon!
Remaining Dates:
Saturday- 2/29,   3/14,   3/28
Sailing Starts at 1:00 PM
Contact Rob Bowden or Jason Rucker with questions:

2020 Winter Series Sailing continues with the Carolina Sailing Club at Jordan Lake in Central North Carolina. Come join in one of the other most active FB series in D12. We regularly get 8-12 Lasers per race day, followed by hot chili and select beverages.
Remaining Dates:
Sunday – 3/1, 3/15
Skippers Meeting is at noon, first race at 1:00 pm.
Contact Devin McKim or Ray Flynn with any questions:

Laser Sailing Podcast with Lijia (Lily) Xu

If you’re anything like me, maybe you want just a little more Laser sailing podcasts in your life. Luckily for us, Lily Xu (2012 Olympic Gold Medalist from China) has got us covered!

Lily interviews popular figures in Laser sailing on a range of topics, including equipment preferences, Olympic campaigning, personal hardships and the particular politics of doing Olympic trials.

Personally, I love the interview with US Olympic veteran and 2020 hopeful, Paige Railey:

Paige pulls back the curtain on chronic illnesses, talks about always being in the present moment, and building a legacy and pipeline for Olympic Radial sailing. It’s definitely worth a listen, and if you’re not like me, and didn’t already think that Paige is totally awesome, maybe this will convince you.

2020 D12 Regatta Schedule

The 2020 D12 Regatta Schedule has been posted on our website. It is as follows:

2020 D12 Championship Series

1. Laser Southerns, Lake Lanier Sailing Club, March 7-8

2. Savannah Laser Only D12, Savannah Yacht Club, May 30-31

3. Governor’s Cup Regatta, Carolina Sailing Club NC, June 27-28

4. CYC-SC Open, Carolina Yacht Club (Charleston, SC), July 25-26*

5. SAYRA Regatta, Carolina Yacht Club (Wrightsville Beach, NC) August 1-2* **

6. Board Bash, Lake Norman Yacht Club, September 26-27*

7. Midlands Regatta, Columbia Sailing Club, November 7-8*

*  – Also a SAYRA Junior Event

** – District 12 Grand Prix

Regatta Information for each race will be made available as it is released! See you on the water!

First D12 2020 Series Regatta this March

Hello everyone – welcome to a new year! It’s 2020 and we’re entering the year with a great vision (sorry, couldn’t resist) for our fleet! Look for some updates to this website over the next few weeks, including results from all 2019 D12 events.

First thing i’d like to update you on is that our first D12 event of 2020 is coming up in early March. Last year, we were very fortunate to incorporate inland areas of Georgia into D12, meaning that the entire state is now part of our territory. With this expansion, we will now have the pleasure of D12 races at superb venues like Lake Lanier.

Our first series race will be on March 7-8 at Lake Lanier Sailing Club. We look forward to having a great turnout, building on our awesome momentum from the past year.

Information can be found at:


Registration before March 3 will save you $25, so get on it! People are already signing up… come sail your Laser!

Hobcaw, D12 # 4

What a weekend! Some takeaways:

  1. We had great turnout, and more Radials (16) than Full rigs (14), which is a great sign for the future of the fleet.
  2. The new racing location further up the Wando is a BIG improvement.
  3. Hobcaw is still a challenging venue and this weekend was no exception!
  4. One of the best pools on the circuit!

On Saturday and Sunday we had winds ranging from crouch-in-the-cockpit to crank-on-the-vang, 30 degree wind shifts, puffs all over the place, and current ripping across the course. The RC did a phenomenal job and we popped off 9 races total. To me, the keys on both days seemed to be: (a) predicting where the wind would fill in, (b) staying in phase, (c) defaulting to going toward the up current side of the windward leg, and (d) rapidly adjusting the tuning in the puffs and lulls to keep good boat speed.

The scores were incredibly tight. Places 2-4 had 30, 31, and 32 points. Places 5-7 had 47, 47, and 49. Places 9-12 had 71, 72, 74, and 77. Incredibly close racing out there!

Shout out to Ben Smith, winner of the Radial fleet, for a standout performance. Out of 9 races he had 7 bullets! Way to go Ben!

I was thrilled to see some new (or returning) faces in the fleet. We look forward to having you all join us more!

Just a few more days and we’ll be at it again in Charleston at CYC-SC. Go ahead and register if you haven’t already. Wonderful event. Great party Saturday night.

And just one week later is the ocean regatta at Wrightsville Beach at CYC-NC. This is our Grand Prix event! Make it count by registering to be a class member.

See y’all on the water.



Fleets getting rigged on Saturday:


D12 2019 Series Schedule

Here it is folks.  I’ve also posted our schedule on the ILCA site, but as of 2/28 it is not yet showing…

April 27-28- LNYC Hospice Regatta*

June 1-2- Savannah YC – D12 Lasers Only Event

June 14-16- CSC Governor’s Cup Kerr Lake, NC

July 13-14- Hobcaw YC Open*

July 27-28- CYC-SC Open

Aug 3-4- CYC-NC Open* **

Nov 2-3- CSC Midlands, Columbia, SC* Series finale and Annual District Meeting

Notes- * designates SAYRA Jr Series Championship event.  ** designates D12 Grand Prix event.

Additional Notes- You only need to sail 3 of the 7 events to qualify for a District Championship score.  The event at Kerr lake is a 5hr drive from Charleston, (according to Waze).  It’s not that far folks!  As of 2/28 we have 14 boats committed!

Be on the lookout for LNYC info.  Spring time can be great inland lake breeze!  Be on the lookout for info from Charlie for his annual Laser Party!  Hobcaw has agreed to move the Laser course upriver to a much more shallow and broad section of river which will give the RC more course choices and remove the deep channel current of the previous location as well as remove the steep shoreline aspect that often is a breeze killer.

See y’all out there!


Midlands / D12 #6 in the books


Our last regatta of the 2018 season is in the books! The 59th annual Midlands Regatta saw a fleet of 11 fulls, 3 radials, and 3 4.7’s competing in characteristic Fall lake conditions.

Saturday was extremely light but we managed to get off one race. The key on Saturday seemed to be connecting the dots between tiny puffs and gradually making your way around the course, taking a second every now and then to wave at the drone flying overhead taking video! The drinks and bbq on Saturday night made up for a less than ideal day of racing.

Sunday was a GREAT day of sailing. We had three excellent races in moderate, shifty breeze with tight competition. In one or two of the races, the top 5 was decided at the final leeward mark rounding! Keys for Sunday were (a) good starts, which was tough since the wind was shifting back and forth suddenly and significantly all day, and (b) staying in phase on the upwind legs.

On the topic of staying in phase, this was my first regatta using the newly legal digital compass from Nautalitics. For me, having never raced with a compass, it took some getting used to. But by the second and third races on Sunday I was comfortable with my heading ranges on each tack and it was easy to make decisions using the data. I felt more in phase this regatta than any previous event! Perhaps the biggest difference for me was getting immediately in phase right after the start and right after rounding the leeward mark. It made a huge difference! For all the gear junkies out there, it’s worth a shot. The screen is easy to read while hiked out and very sensitive to subtle changes in direction. And the countdown timer works great too. Only drawback to me after one regatta was the 3M velcro adhesive started peeling up a little by the end of the event. Jury is still out on whether that’s a good long term method of attachment.

As this was our last event of 2018, we had our annual meeting on Sunday morning before racing. Here are the two big highlights:

For scheduling purposes, going forward we will adopt a 3 tier method for handling the rotation among venues. Tier 1 venues are ones we want to have every single year. Tier 2 are venues we want to have most years, but will rotate away from perhaps every 3-4 years. Tier 3 are venues we want to include occasionally, perhaps once every 3-4 years. Added to this conceptual framework will be significant consideration to the SAYRA Jr schedule. This worked very well this year and the feedback from the juniors and their parents is that aligning some of our D12 events with the SAYRA Jr schedule helps tremendously with participation. In order to accomplish this, the final 2019 schedule will not come out until after the SAYRA annual meeting in January. Stay tuned!

D12 Leadership was discussed. Our plan is to adopt a permanent Co-Secretary set up where each district secretary serves a two year term, and these are staggered to increase continuity. For next year, Rob Bowden will continue in his role as Co-Secretary. I am at the end of two years as secretary and while I’m happy to continue, we will solicit interest to see whether another person wants to take over my position.

Finally, the District 12 Championship Series awards were presented. Here’s the rundown:

Overall Champion – Stanley Hassinger

Radial Champion – Danny Diederich

4.7 Champion – Garner Mobley

Overall Master’s Champion – Stanley Hassinger

Top Apprentice Master – Stanley Hassinger

Top Master – Rob Bowden

Top Grand Master – Robert Key

Top Great Grand Master – Finn Hassing

My last comment is this. Combining all three fleets, we had 93 sailors compete this year. That’s incredible! Unfortunately, of these 93 sailors a total of just 14 qualified for season ending standings by competing in at least 3 events. We all need to do a better job encouraging folks to get out and sail in 3 or more events!



[photo credit: Mark Alexander]